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Cheaper Mobile Phone Repair

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No matter how you think of it replacing your iPhone's broken screen is expensive. The replacement part is enough to put a dent to your pockets and savings. Screen Replacement Parts alone can cost up to £100 to £200 depending on the Apple model.

If by some unfortunate bad luck you end up accidentally cracking your display screen, its bad news as you cannot have it replaced after the limited 1 year guarantee expires

Read the Small Print at the back of the devices' package as it Excludes Accidental Damage

To quote the tedious legal terms and condition, your phone excludes "phone damage resulting from mishap, product misuse, unauthorised service, unauthorised disassembly and modifications ".

If you bought it via a contract, then just return to the same shop and you can still avail of after-sales service but the price will be hefty.  If you are an avid Apple user, you probably opted for AppleCare protection for additional price, which extends your warranty to over two years upon purchasing your Apple product; and then your chances of having your phone replaced got even better.

If you bought the device and  didn’t opt for AppleCare Protection, run out of warranty and still searching for what other options you can opt for phone repairs from manufacturer recognised phone shops with refutable technicians ready to assist you. You can also base your search on friends or relative’s recommendation as this is more reliable since they have experienced their services first hand. One thing to take note of is the third-party replacement parts they are offering to use on your phones. Although third-party replacements are virtually half the price, there will be a noticeable difference in response. So make sure to emphasize whether you want the original parts or third-party parts to use on your mobile phone repair.  

Looking for affordable fast-track and guaranteed repairs? Look no further! We offer the best deals in mobile repair services that fit your budget here at Phone Zone UK.


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